question about new rule at "BALNY"

  1. i heard that they've got a new policy & wanted to run it past you guys...if you buy the last bag in a specific color/style, it's final sale (no returns/exchanges)...i was also told they will only ship to the billing address on your CC...i haven't bought anything from them in 1 & 1/2 years, so can you tell me if it's true (?) :shrugs:
  2. i've had things sent to nonbilling addresses so I don't think that part is true. I'm having lots of things sent to a nonbilling address (boyf's) while I'm abroad. As far as the return/exchange wouldn't surpise me as their returns and exchange policies are already leaving much to be desired. Anyone else know anything?
  3. Well, my SA hasn't responded to my last two inquiries so I have no idea ;)

    I can say that last bag I bought from her (a Cornflower Twiggy for my Mom) was likely the last of it's style/color. And she sent me pics before I bought it.


    BalNY is a serious Mystery to me.

    S'ok cause I am fully into the pre-loved stuff :love:
  4. I believe they will only send to billing address on CC if it's your first purchase, and once you're an established customer, they will send to non billing address, but pls don't quote me on it!

    My first purchase was sent to my billing address, and subsequently I got everything else sent to my best friend in Ohio/NJ, depending on where she is when I am getting packages shipped.

    Not sure abt the final sale bit though.
  5. Their policies seem to change for different people. They are such a mystery!
  6. ^^ thanks so much for all your input ladies!!!...i was actually contemplating buying an impossible to find bag there...i've had my heart set on it & don't think i'll be able to find it anywhere else (since it's an older color from f/w '07)...but after going round & round for 4 days with the ditsy-ist SA i've ever known, i gave up...i can't bear to give my $$$ to these rude, unhelpful people :hysteric:
  7. Ahhh thats horrible! I'm sorry an SA is getting the way of your dream bag :crybaby:
  8. that's terrible! why wouldn't they be more friendly? =(
  9. ^^ that's a good question girl!!! :okay:
  10. That is one absolutely horrible rule! :cursing: You should have the right to return/exchange just like everyone else who has bought there.

    I could see if it were maybe an item on sale, but Balenciaga never puts their bags on sale so there goes that theory. If you are paying full price you should definitely have the right to return/exchange.

  11. I dont live in the US...

    Is it possible for them to actually mail me whats available in stock at their store?
  12. I was at BalNY last night, they did mention that if they're shipping to an address, the credit card address had to match the shipping address. I'm just so excited, my bf is getting me the Day bag in Paprika with GGH. OOH... I can't wait.
  13. I think if it's the last bag in a specific color/style they should charge double :yahoo:
  14. isn't the last bag often the worst one? ie the one that everyone returned or the leather that the SAs and customers have passed over?

    ...not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything...

    no wonder they don't want returns on that type of bag :push:
  15. ^^ LOL, that's a good point alisonanna!!!...all i know is that i'll never contemplate buying anything there again...they can take their stupid policies & shove 'em up their *** (lol!!!) :p:tup::smash: