Question about new Prada Gauffre E/W bag......

  1. miu2, I had the same thing happen with a brown gauffre hobo I ordered from NM, it was awful looking.
    I did send it back!
  2. Well mine is in the box all ready for DHL to pick her up. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who had the problem and I'm glad to know that it was authentic. Just disappointed with the bag, maybe I'll just put that $ towards another coffer (not really) :graucho:.
  3. Justonemore, did it look like mine?
  4. I've seen several irl that look like this. With the gauffres in this color you either get lucky or not I feel.
  5. hehe you might want to check dark green one (called Boca I guess) I saw at NM,if you can't find blue one you are looking one

  6. miu2, it looked just like yours with LESS color contrast.
    Don't give up, the brown is beautiful once you find the correct one!
  7. Eeeuuuuwwww!!! :wtf:
  8. The one Saks uses as a stock photo, looks like this. You can tell without zoom because the contract is so great (not a good thing, it should blend in more).

  9. Yea, you made the right decision by returning it. That looks funky!!! :yucky:
  10. BUMP!

    Any thoughts, anyone?

  11. Well, if it can always send it back. Did you get it on sale? ;)
  12. Yes, I bought it for $1880 with a 20% bluefly code. It came out to like $1510. Im really worried now! The bag should be here tomorrow. I will post pics so you guys can see. I really hope its not the same bag!