~*~Question about New Ergo Colors~*~

  1. Hey Fellow Coachies!!!

    Okay, I've been wanting an Ergo tote or hobo for awhile now....and on Coach.com, the black siggie hobo is only $188....that's an awesome price, but should I wait? What colors are coming out? I heard there are some AMAZING colors coming out next month. So what do you think? I don't want to wait and not like the colors that are coming out and miss out on that great deal.....what should I do? Please help!

  2. Why don't you just get the bag and keep it with the tags on it. If something else
    comes out that you like in the Ergo line in February you can just exchange it and pay
    the difference.
  3. LA.. I was just at the coach.com a few minutes ago before coming here, looking at that black medium ergo. And I thought to myself, I wanted this one (too!- coz everybody here seems to be getting ergo's -you guys are all enabler! ;)
    but,,, what if they release a new color?! Then, ding* ding* Liz was right! That's what I should do. But the thing is, when I got a new bag, I wanted to use it right away, you know.. hehe, so it is hard to decide.. sorry, I didn't even help! I'm having the same problem lol :smile:
  4. My next bag is going to be an ergo tote (I already have a belted hobo in plum), but I want leather, and all they have right now is black and tan, both of which I have enough of, so I will be waiting for the new ones, which I'm told will be out in March. My SA told me yesterday the can be ordered now, but I prefer to see a bag in person first. I did pick up a slim flap ergo in Khaki/choc last week for $198 at Nordstrom's clearance table, so that will be my in between winter and spring bag! $188 is a good price so if you can pick that up for now and then in the spring I'm sure there will be plenty more available for you to choose from.

    added: plus March should be another PCE, right? Perfect timing!
  5. great plan Liz! :yes:
  6. Interesting....

    I should be in shape my buy my next bag around March. I would totally consider this if it came in a fun color.

    Anyone have a color list? And signature vs. leather in those colors?
  7. :yes::tup:
  8. Heya LA!
    I know its a tough decission but I wouldnt trade my black siggy ergo for anything. I love it so much I will be getting another in a differnt color when I find the perfect one. But while they are on sale I say go for it. Here is mine!
    Ebay Pics 676.jpg
  9. ^^ I agree w/ Kimmie and I also posted this in our Ergo Club thread....while it's still on sale grab it!!!!! It's a great bag that you will love!!!!!
  10. She's beautiful, Kimmie!!!!! :tup:
  11. LOVE that scarf on there, soooo cute !!!
  12. Thank you everyone!!!!!!! I know if it were Chocolate, it would be in the mail already. I think I do need a black bag though, caz I don't have any in Coach. Maybe I should discuss it w/ hubby. I just sold two of my bags, and did very well, and this bag is cheap, so maybe....I'll let you guys know!
  13. Kimmie, yours is adorable! I LOVE that scarf w/ it! Thanks for posting the pic, you are an enabler!! LOL!

    How do you go about sending a bag back through the mail, (if I leave the tags on and decide not to keep it) because there are no Coach stores around here to get a credit or return it or anything, and I know there is a sticker that comes w/ the bags to send them back, but how do you do it? Do you get the credit first, then send the bag, or send the bag, hope it gets there, and hope to get paid back? I dunno. I'm a little worried about sending it back through the mail.
  14. FYI, LA: and I am not trying to enable you!!! :graucho: BUT....The chocolate siggy is still available in Macy's for the regular price of $268 minus 30%, bringing you down to the new lower price of $188!!!!! :graucho: let me know!!!!
  15. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not near a Macy*s that carries Coach (yet) and I just went online and they don't have any Ergo hobos at all on the website! They only have the swingpack and the top handle pouch! I'm gonna cry......:wtf: