Question about new collections

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  1. Hi!

    I am always reading about how people are waiting for the new seasonal collections or new bags to come out. How do you find out and see pics of the new lines months before? :shrugs: Thanks for any info! ;)
  2. I actually kinda wanna know about this too....where do we go to find this stuff?? :goodpost: Sorry to be a noob everyone, haha.
  3. For me.. I have SA's in two states that will send me PDF's of bags that are coming...usually it is right before, or after the fashion show.
  4. Some people are VICs who get first looks at the upcoming styles.
    Most people just read the reference threads in this forum !
  5. My SA gives me a peek at the look book every time a new one comes out. She also calls me to share whatever info she has.
  6. yeah I go to the store and ask my SA for lookbook. right now it has it till end of the year i think
  7. Thanks for the answers everyone, I live almost 100 miles from the nearest LV so I don't have a SA I have a good enough relationship with. I guess I will just have to keep relying on you great ladies and gents.:yes: