Question about new Chocolate Leather Carly

  1. Does anyone know what color the leather accent will be on the new Chocolate Leather Carly? Thanks!
  2. Nobody knows the accent colors yet. We will know when the SA's return from the big Coach Convention that they are all attending. They will be back on Monday.
  3. Thanks Liz! I thought a couple of people had posted that they'd seen the new leather choco Carly at the stores...I'll try to wait patiently...

    :whistle: :popcorn:
  4. Someone had posted that they had seen that bag in Chandler, Arizona Coach Store. When I called the store they said they had no such bag in stock and that they had no knowledge of it. I called Coach Customer Service and the brown Carly will be available to order in mid-August. This is all they know at this point. The store Managers are seeing all the new product today at the Coach Convention and will have more information when they return. I am going to see my SA on Monday about the new products. In particular I want to know about the Brown leather carly and if a Mandy is being made in brown.
  5. Thanks for the update Liz! I'm glad you've got an SA who will share with you & I'm glad we have you to share with us! I'll be anxiously awaiting your detailed message on Monday! ;)
  6. my SA/MGR is at the convention as well and I asked both him and his DM to see about the chocolate carly, so I will keep everyone posted as well if I find out before Liz does. :smile:
  7. Thanks spacytracy! Hope it's something awesome!
  8. Bumping...hoping a kind & loving SA will give us some scoop! Thanks! :tup:
  9. I was in my boutique today and didnt get any info on the chocolate Carly, HOWEVER I did see a pic of the new khaki signature Carly w/ Chili (red) leather trim!!!! HOT!!! And there is also a Chili (red) leather Carly coming out as well...same color trim. My store only had pics, but the khaki/red combo was REALLY HOT!!! Not sure if it is ME though, but something to look into!!! LOL