question about new bag

  1. hey guys, i just have a quick question :smile:
    i went friday to a coach store and bought a new bag (Coach - New COACH HAMPTONS SIGNATURE MEDIUM CARRYALL).
    the lady went straight to ringing it up and i never had a chance to see the actual bag i was getting. but i figured, hey , it's coach- it'll be
    so, saturday, i took the tags off and didn't even think about checking it over. but, then i realized that the leather placement was off (and,
    therefore, the c's looked off). one of the leather pieces going down from the handles isn't straight- theres probably about a 1/4 inch difference and it looks crooked (because the leather is). does that make sense? i was always told that each side is supposed to be mirror image of the other.
    and i'm sort of upset. it's a $300 bag (i'm a broke college student- so that's a lot). and i always thought coach was supposed to be pretty much perfect. i mean, their quality is always impeccable.
    so i called and said something and they (coach) told me nothing could be done because the tags are off (though i still have them). the pic of the bag on the website is how it's supposed to look. and i'm hoping this bag is just maybe a mistake- or else i've lost faith in coach. i have many other coach bags and have never had this be an issue.
    so, my question is this: am i just making a big deal out of nothing? and should i just get over the fact it's basically crooked?
    thanks guys.
  2. I'd take it back to the store (make sure you bring your receipt). The girl on the phone is crazy to say they won't take it back because the tag was cut off...if there is something obviously WRONG with the bag they should take care of it. Person on the phone probably just not in the mood to be helpful.
  3. i just don't know if my definition of "wrong" is the same as me, it is. but is it absolutely supposed to be symmetrical, or is that just something that sometimes happen? you know what i mean? i don't want to complain and drive up there (a good 1.5 hour drive) and have them laugh at me because i'm obsessive compulsive.
  4. I think it should be symmetrical....if you post some pics of the actual bag I'm sure you'll get a lot more opinions on it.
  5. yeah, i know. but i just moved...and have not the faintest idea of where my camera stuff is. oh well.
    wish me luck, then.
  6. I would bring it back to the store. Post pics for more opinions. :smile:
  7. when in doubt, borrow your roommates digi cam...
  8. Hm. It doesnt look bad, its still symmetrical, but if it bothers you that much definitely try and take it back.
  9. it's the left side that is bothering me...
    or am i totally crazy?
  10. I agree, I'm not seeing anything that looks off, but if you are not happy you should exchange it. Good luck! :wlae:
  11. i'm determined to prove i'm not so overly critical (or crazy, for that matter).
    it's just the 3rd c from the top on the left side that's by the leather. on the left side, you see nearly 1/2 of the c. but on the right side, same spot, you don't.
  12. You should be able to at least exchange it for exactly the same bag. Taking the tags off and stuff shouldn't matter because you bought it so soon. It's technically a defect, and the store is reponsible to fix it for you. Hope that helps!
  13. so, you sorta see what i'm talking about?
  14. Doesn't seem anything wrong to me. If you're not happy with it though, by all means bring it back and exchange it.
  15. I see what you're talking about...I don't know that it would bother me as much as it seems to be bothering you...but I still say take it back if its bothering you. There's no reason for them not to exchange it just cuz you cut the tags off.