Question about Neverfull

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  1. Hello there,
    Why does my Neverfull GM said 'Made in USA' on the inside when it's a French designer handbag? Thank you!
  2. Because Louis Vuitton has a factory in the United States. A lot of the more popular bags (Speedy, Neverfull, etc.) sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S. I think you could probably do a search if you had more questions - this issue comes up a lot.
  3. all of the material is shipped from frane to the us for the "workers" to make them here
  4. remember: "Made in France" does NOT mean, that the bag was 100% manufactured in France.

    According to the EC-law, only the most valuable part need to be manufactured in France to allow a producer to use the label "Made in France".

    f.e. if LV says the Canvas is the part of lesser value, they may produce the Canvas in Romania, China, Germany, wherever they want to and just put the heat-stamps and metal-parts on the bag.

    It is sad but you can not trust the "Made in ..." as long as it comes from the EC.

    On US-clothes I often read: manufactured in Mexico (or any other country on this world) with US cotton.
  5. my palermo says made in usa too haha
    made me wonder~~
  6. Thank you all! I love my Neverfull GM but was a bit annoyed by the fact that it's a French designer but the bag was made in the USA.
  7. I bought my Neverfull MM the other day & mine is Made in USA too. I'm going to go to a different location to exchange it for a Made in France, I'm hoping they will have some in stock (the location I bought it from had five bags, all Made in USA).
  8. Good luck with that! I actually called LV and they were telling me that 90% of their bags have the 'Made in USA' logo on it.
  9. I think it's touch and go, and just a matter of luck. I bought my Mono NF GM at the Michigan Ave store in downtown Chicago and it was Made in USA but the canvas had a white spot on it. So I took it to the smaller store in Oak Brook mall, and at first they said I had to take it back to the same store. But I became a little upset and said I don't have the time to go downtown again. Then they asked me for my receipt and they looked me, did their attitude change. They brought out a Made In France for me and exchanged. Am I a VIP and I don't know it? Anywho, my Ebene NF GM was bought on Michigan Ave. and it's Made in USA - it's just as nice.
  10. how many LV purses & wallets have you bought so far? :smile:
  11. Please read the Date Codes Information thread in the Date Codes section in the Reference Library for more information on where LV is made. Thanks!
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