question about neiman marcus

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  1. ok so i've mentioned many times that i want the mesh heels that they have at neiman's. i;ve been waiting to see how they sell to see if i should wait for them to go on sale. they don't seem to be very popular even though it's not quite the right time for them yet. anyway i know nm is having the deal right now with buying 2 shoes and getting a 150 gc. does anyone know if this would work for just 1 pair of shoes? and if so- would it be a good time to get them now or continue to wait to see if they go on sale. as far as i know only nm and the cl boutique have this style right now (it's the higher heel slingback) and i have a gc that some wonderful generous friends gave me for nm to buy them so i want to buy them from there and not the cl boutique.

  2. Personally, I think you should wait for them to go on sale. I thought the two for two thing is if you buy two shoes you get $150 off.
  3. yeah but i know Saks had a similar thing and you only had to buy one pair as long as they were over 400 dollars. that's why i asked. i hope they do go on sale. if i miss them i'm going to be upset....
  4. I ordered the greasepaint last night from NM and it did not come up about a gift card when I entered the code 2buy2 that they have on the website. It did get me free shipping. I figured I would see if it was included in the package. I will let you know when they come. And I also was debating whether I should wait till they go on sale or see if a better promotion comes up, but I figured that they comfortably give you 2 months to returm it, and I need it for the bar mitzvah, so I figure if they go on sale I would order the sale price and send these back, or ask for an adjustment. In either case I didn't want to be caught without them. Has anyone tried to get a price adjustment even if it is 2 months later? What is to stop me from sending it back? Is this making sense?
  5. If you don't want to take a chance on losing out on these when they go on sale, then get them now. The sale is buy 2 shoes, get the $150 GC, but you can buy a CL and a flipflop and get the $150 GC.
  6. do they have cheapy flip flops?
  7. IDK.....worth calling the store and asking them for the cheapest flipflops, LOL!
  8. lol. "and do you have anything for 10 dollars? like crocs maybe?" LOL.
  9. I only bought 1 pair from Saks for $561 and I got the $150 gc. Use the code SHOES.
  10. crocs :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    For NM in the store they said each pair of shoes has to be over $150 to get the full $150 off.
  11. crappo. thanks rons!