Question about Neiman Marcus Orders

  1. I placed an order online 2 days ago with 2nd day delivery and I haven't even received an email confirmation of my order. :huh: It was rather expensive and I want to be sure that it was placed correctly....or at all for that matter! TIA:yes:
  2. Try going to their website and utilizing their online chat. Tell them your situation and they should be able to look up your order and check the status.
  3. What does it say is the status of your order (if you ordered online)? Maybe you should give them a call and ask what the exected ship date is. Good luck!
  4. Ok...I spoke to someone and they said that it's been shipped and will arrive tomorrow. But....there is no sign of the order online and my credit card hasn't been charged?? I asked the SA if he was postive that it was shipped and he again confirmed it. It's my Quilted Blake in Almond so I'm a little nervous/anxious now. I guess I will just wait and see if it comes tomorrow.

    I chose 2nd day delivery so will it come UPS, FexEx or USPS? Just wanna know so I can flag doen the truck! :p
  5. ^ That seems strange. I've always received an order and shipping confirmation from NM. Did they give you a tracking #? And it should come by Fedex.
  6. The same thing happened to me with an MJ I bought in June - the customer service online told me it had shipped and it should arrive 2 days later - 4 days later it finally arrived UPS. I was mad, seeing that I paid for 2 day...
  7. Yeah but my credit card wasn't even charged! I don't know what I'm receiving at this point! The SA gave me the tracking # and its set for tomorrow. I guess I will find out then.
  8. oohh, keep us posted! I can't wait to see pics too! :yes:
  9. Any update? I hope you got your parcel!!
  10. another quilted blake? you are going to have to put yourself on a ban after this one! hah :smile:

    i was just looking on Neiman Marcus; i cant find the almond blake on there. where did you find it, bc id like to order one? i fell in love with the blakes after seeing your collection! all my MJ bags are either chestnut, black, or midnight blue...almond would be a nice addition!
  11. She did end up receiving the bag, but the actual color was white chiffon (not almond). I don't know why but some stores seem incapable of reading the name/color on the tag.

    Here's the thread she created it show it off: The newest addition to my MJ Family!
  12. i saw the white chiffon bag she received...but i think maybe she ordered the same bag but in almond after she received the first blake. im confused! ha
  13. Ok girls here's the latest update. I did order the quilted blake in Ivory and the color online showed the Almond color....or so I thought! It came and it is the White Chiffon color...nothing like whats in the pic online. I was on the fence about whether or not I was going to keep it but I decided over the weekend that I was going to return it. :cry: It is gorgeous but it's not EXACTLY what I want and it's too much money to keep if I don't LOVE it. So, I'm going to wait and see if I like the size of my Purple Metallic Patchwork Stam (I'm unfamiliar with the size) and then possibly order the Stam in Almond. Oh, decisions, decisions....
  14. bye bye white chiffon quilted blake :sad: i really want the almond blake too!