question about neiman marcus beauty event

  1. Hi everyone
    I want spend 1500 dollas for NM beauty event. The CA's tax is 8.25%.Anyone know where is no tax for phone order and ship to CA? Thanks.
  2. I phone order through New York's Saks which is no tax. even though saks have store in CA.
    So I asked that.
  3. Don't know about tax, but if you're planning on spending that much, I'd do multiple orders in smaller amounts to get more free gifts.
  4. Maybe they can give me 15NM bag and 10 chantecaille free gift puls some samples.
  5. I dont' think they'll do that unless you separate them into different orders..
  6. one order have 5 three orders are 15.
  7. U might want to call the NY store and talk to a sales and see if they can do that for you.

    I always order my expensive stuff from my SA in NY with no tax. But that's saks, i dont know if NM is the same.