question about nails!

  1. So after 5 years I am soaking off my acrylic nails on monday and im really really nervous. I was a terrible nail biter so I got my nails dont to stop biting my nails. I never ever bite or pick at my acrylics.

    Anyone here soak off their acrylics after a while, and my main questions long does it take for you nails to get back to normal...or some what normal where they stop peeling and breaking.

    I figured it would keep them super super short until they can get back to normal.
  2. I haven't had acrylic nails for a while now.. But, when I did it seemed like it take 2 months if not longer for my nails to get back to normal which sucked because they looked awful in the process. You'll want to go back to acrylics but dont do it, just hang in there. Try not to play with them to much or it will weaken your nails. To get me through the horrible months I massaged cuticle oil every day and used opi nail envy to keep from messing with my nails and make them stronger, which helped. PS: my nails grow slow, so yours may come back faster.
  3. thanks! i def dont wanna go back to acrylics....its gonna be tough but i really want to have heathly natural nails so bad!

    my nails grow not to slow but not to fast either. I am going to get weekly manicures for the 1st month i think just to keep them heathly. Where do i get cuticle oil?? and nail envy really works?!
  4. I've never had acrylics so can't help you on the time to recovery part, BUT I used to be a huge nail biter also and that greatly weakend my nails. To help my nails grow longer and MUCH stronger and to prevent peeling and cracking, I use WitchCraft Nail Hardener. I believe it's only available in drugstores in Canada but I foudn a tube on eBay here
    It is absolutely AMAZING. An ex-coworker of mine a long time ago worked part time as a stewardess and she said that stuff did an amazing job preventing her nails from breaking. I think you apply two coats twice, and then every other day or so you apply another thin coat and after two weeks you take everything off with remover and start over again. It's cumbersome to apply every other day BUT it's so worth it.

    Good luck!
  5. You can get cuticle oil pretty much anywhere (walmart, walgreens, cvs). Just look in the section with the nail stuff, and files. I think OPI worked for me. I coated it very thick so I wouldn't mess with my nails. I think the most important think is not to play with them so much to weaken them more. I had an obsession of messing with my nails so it was really hard for me. you can get opi at any salon or online. The other day I read about this in my allure adn supposively it's supppose to be good, so I'm curious.
  6. when i removed mine it took a while. i guess it was essentially for the nail to grow off, kwim? once that part was gone they got better. i still keep them short. i'm considering getting them back on b/s i pick at my cuticles like crazy!!
    good luck!
  7. I wore acrylics for a loooooooong time, but taking them off was the best thing I've ever done for my nails. And it saves a ton of money and time, too. My nails were extremely weak afterwards. I would say it took about a month to 6 weeks for them to grow out, but it was worth it. I kept them really short because they would just bend terribly if I had any length at all. It will be annoying and you will probably hate looking at your poor, nail-less hands for a while, but stick it out and you'll be really happy! Good luck!
  8. it takes about four months for my nails to grow out completely (no ridges, no weakness). but i can keep them from peeling badly if i buff them once right after soaking then religiously use a strengthener (i :heart: nailtek formula II) and keep them painted. i also keep them short.

    i'm a biter too and i've found that if i keep opaque paint (the more color the better) and cuticle oil on my hands constantly, i won't bite. i end up painting my nails every three days or so because as soon as i see a chip, it's all over. time consuming, but worth it.
  9. It takes about a month for me. Using cuticle oil and eating lots of calcium helps a LOT to strengthen weak nails :yes:
  10. I used to always take mine off myself with acetone, my other nails, my teeth, etc. And they were horrible after! Sometimes they would bleed, and they would always be sore, whether I did them myself or whether the salon did them. Last time I got a new set, my new nail tech did them for me. She soaked a cotton ball in acetone and then put it on top of each nail and wrapped each fingertip in aluminum foil. They soaked while I got my toes done (45 min or so). Yes, I felt like Edward Scissorhands or something! Let me tell you, they came off so much more easily, and with so much less damage! She just used an orange stick to push the acrylic off my nails, and not one of them was sore after! Apparently, if you do the acetone/cotton ball/foil thing and then put a plastic/rubber glove over the foil, and then dip your hands in a paraffin bath, they come off even easier because the heat activates the acetone. Try it - your recover time will be a lot less!

    P.S. - are you sure you want to take them off only 2 weeks before your wedding???
  11. i did not notice her ticker....please for the love of all that is beautiful wait for your honeymoon! i took off my acrylics three weeks before my wedding b/c i hated the way the new tech had filled/filed them. big, awful, HUGE mistake. my hands look atrocious in my pictures (and i'm talking far away cuticles look all chewed up and swollen looking even with paint on my nails.). get one more fill and then take a spa day on your honeymoon to get them removed and have a natural nail mani (many upscale salons will do an acrylics recovery mani....they're wonderful)

    you will regret it SO much if you take them off now. really. there is no way to get your nails looking quasi pretty in two weeks.
  12. ^^^ Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. The OP has a couple of weeks between wedding and honeymoon - have them removed during that time or like ilzabet said, at the spa in the hotel!

    I think the wedding picture I'm looking forward to most is the shot of both our hands with our wedding rings. Bad nails would really mess that up!
  13. ACK! I agree, wait!!!

    It takes a good 3 months to get them somewhat normal again.
    I agree, keep them as short as you can cut them to prevent them from tearing, they WILL tear.
    Also, by some calcium top coat hardener to protect them while growing them out, take vitamins!
  14. thanks everyone!!! im def going to get cuticle oil....i just hope they dont hurt to bad.

    i was going to wait until after our wedding...but we arnt having a big wedding, just our parents, and my nails are driving me nuts!

    my nail lady said if i freak out and cant stand my nails with out acrylics i can come in the day before my wedding and she will put them back on for me!!!
  15. I just removed mine probably around xmas and they look pretty good to me! Like everyone told me, they were very weak but a friend @ work picked up nailtech for weak splittling nails and that did the job. The old nail is completely grown out and I have white tips. They also are pretty hard. The only downside is polish. I wear clear or light colors because it won't stay on which is why I had acrylics - they never chipped! At one point I was very tempted to pick but held out and it's worth it. I still use the nailtech mostly every night and put cuticle oil on before bed.