Question about my Uggs!

  1. So I ordered my Uggs from Victorias Secret in early September and got them a month later, which I didn't mind becuase it was so hot outside still. I just wore them for the first time today and I feel as though the pile on the inside sole of my left boot is MUCH higher than my right boot; and my right foot is sitting right on top of the sole (on a little bit of the lining).

    Two Questions:
    Is this normal for those of you with Uggs? Should I even care?

    And, should I do anything about it if its not? (ie call VS and ask for an exchange even though its a month after i received them?)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hmmm...sounds kind of weird. I own two pairs of UGGs and I've never experienced anything like that. Do you have trouble walking? If it's obviously making you feel uncomfy when you wear them/walk, you should definitely definitely exchange them! There's no point feeling uncomfy in a pair of shoes that are supposed to be made for comfort!
  3. I also own two pairs of UGGs and none of them have that problem.
    I agree that you should go an exchange them. Just explain to them how you had no reason to wear your UGGs till now. Also, if it's a manufacturing defect, then it's not your problem, it's their's.
  4. i've owned 3 pairs of classic uggs and none of them have had that problem. does vs have a good return policy? i know you'll have to mail them back because you cant return in stores, boo.
  5. so I called VS and told them about the problem and she said they didn't have anymore in stock, and won't until next year, so she gave me a credit to my account and I decided to keep them, but I'm still disappointed. maybe I'll forget about it? (but i highly doubt'll still bother me..:tdown:)
  6. thanks for advice, ladies!
  7. OMG! I had the same issue when I ordered it through VS. The lining was thicker in the left foot than the right foot. I returned it and bought the pair from Nordstroms instead.
  8. really?!?!

    i got them with the $30/$150 you think Zappos or somewhere else will match that same promo? I will check!
  9. Maybe. I'm not sure. I would suggest calling Zappos to confirm.
  10. Even if they won't, I'd personally rather pay more and have them the same height.

    I was going to order from VS too! I hate how their site always has things in stock and they don't email you for weeks to tell you they don't actually have any.

    I'm glad I went into a store to try them on and the salesgirl was so helpful I just bought them from her.
  11. I think I'm going to return them and tell them just not to process the extra discount...are there any codes for any other websites that I could price match to zappos??
  12. ok so I've finally decided...definitely returning the Victoria's Secret ones, and I ordered a pair from Zappos for a bit more, but if I'm spending money, I may as well get ones I LOVE. agreed?
  13. OMG trhat is so wierd!!! I got my Uggs at Bloomingdales on-line...they are Ugg 'Classics'...I got them when they had a 20% off last shipping either...Have you checked that website?
  14. I got them!! They're soooo much different than the ones from VS!! its crazy! the lining is soo much thicker and nicer! I'm so happy!! yay :smile: Zappos price matched some random website and i got about 15% off!

    thanks ladies!