Question about my tote.

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  1. Hello fellow CHANEL lovers. I have a question that may be stupid to ask to some of you but bare with's regarding my first CHANEL purse. My boyfriend bought it for me off eBay for christmas and i never noticed that it does not have the tag with the serial numbers in the inside of the came with the card of authenticity...but do all CHANEL bags come with the tag inside or only certain ones. I'd be crushed if i found out we got spoofed.
  2. Hi Jenarae, Oh no. Sometimes they are very hard to find. If you like post a picture of the bag under the authenticate this forum, and we can take a look at it.
  3. Yes, please post pictures and we'll help you authenticate, also include pics of the numbers on the authenticity card and any dustbags or boxes that came with the bag.