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  1. I have my blog name as my signature, which I know is absolutely allowed I'm going to be having a giveaway at my 120th post(in the blog), and I was wondering if I would be allowed to post something to that effect. So, it would be something along the lines of

    120th Post Giveaway!"

    Would that be okay, or would that be looked upon as advertising? I don't want to screw up any more, I love it here, but this is a bit of a grey area to me. Could someone please give me some advice as to whether I can do this without fear of recriminations? Thank you so much!!!
  2. All good :tup:
  3. Just want to add one thing as I think this confuses people sometimes, the only thing you really can't do is post about it.
    In the signature is fine; in a post = advertising which is not ok.

  4. Great! Thank you!
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Not open for further replies.