Question about my ring

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  1. I have a 21K Feri Mosh ring, Its absolutely gorgeous and I've been wearing it for about 2 years now and i'm looking at getting it cleaned. does anyone have any tips on how I should go about cleaning it?

    What has everyone else used for cleaning their pieces I'm scared to just go out and buy something commercial for it.
  2. First, PICS PLZ.

    Second, have you had it checked by a jeweler lately? If nothing else they can professionally clean and steam it. Are there stones or is it just metal?
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    xxx you cannot advertise here - please do not pretend to be a customer when you work for them.

    This is my baby. it has Topaz with diamonds. And i'm scared to take it to just any jeweler. I've had a couple of bad experiences where they have done things like dropped my ring (my heart stopped!).

    Is steaming a good thing to have done to a gold ring?
  4. Steaming should be fine for this ring. A jeweller can also check the prongs.
  5. I have a Gucci ring similar to this...little horseshoe shaped prongs. A reputable jeweler will work fine. This piece should be steamed first to get into all the knooks and crannies.
    Stunning ring!
  6. Thank you skyqueen, do you have a picture of your ring that I could see? I would absolutely love to see it :biggrin:
  7. Does anyone know which gucci ring that would be? I'm very curious :smile:
  8. I think that would be easily cleaned by a jeweler. Not sure about steaming because I don't know if Topaz is hardy enough for that kind of heat....
  9. OMG wow that ring is amazing!!!!
  10. that's what I was kind of thinking.. Is there any jewelery chain you would recommend to take it to that any of you have had experience with in the past?
  11. Thank you LVShoeFan! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. My hubby treated me to it and oh my god I just about fell over.
  12. Gorgeous ring! The blue in that stone is eye-popping!!!! You will be safe taking it for a professional cleaning at your jeweler. They'll do it while you wait, too, so you don't need to be worried about that!
  13. I am not a fan of chains, honestly. I prefer mom and pop shops, though I prefer to check on Yelp about them first.
  14. Yelp? I've never heard of that. Is it a Canadian service as well?
  15. There might be a canadian