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  1. I Have a Louis Vuitton Ellipse Handbag I was selling on eBay. They took it off for auction saying it isn't Authentic. It has everything a Louis Vuitton purse has even the serial # RA-1780-015 and made in France. HOw can you tell that my purse is faux? I bought it as a real Vuitton. Thanks, Chris
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. ^^ serial number :wtf:
    i'm guessing that is why your bag was taken down.
  3. Can you post pic's here .. thanks
  4. ^^ Completely agree. They shouldn't have serials like that.
  5. Pic's of the bag would be great...
  6. Did you originally buy it from eluxury or a boutique, or did you buy it from eBay?
  7. Hmmm, pics would probably help.
  8. LV does not use 'serial numbers', they use datecodes but they have never been in that kind of format. Unless you bought it from eluxury or a Louis Vuitton boutique, there's really no way to guarantee it's authenticity.
  9. Where did you buy the bag?
  10. Yes, where did you purchase the bag? We would like to help if possible.:yes:
  11. With a "serial number"/datecode like that, it's probably fake. Sorry. But to confirm whats the name of the bag, where did you purchase it and how much did you pay for it, if you don't mind me asking.
    Also photos would be a great help.
  12. oh no! i dont think it sounds sorry!
    i hope you werent tricked!
  13. any questions about authenticity are required to be posted in the Authenticate This! stickies we provide.
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