Question About My Purchase

  1. Hello Guys...I ordered a couple of bags from a LV store in CO (I'm in CA) and they sent them to me with just dust bags and no boxes... should I call that boutique and tell them to ship me the boxes or can I go to any LV and ask for them? I just got them today by the way.

  2. You could do either or.
  3. If you are close to a store I would just go in and ask for boxes. As long as you have the receipts there should be no problem.
  4. I forgot to ask... What did you get?
  5. yhea.. show us yr goodies...:tup::graucho:
  6. Show show...what did get.
    I went into one of the stores, after i got back from Barcelona last week with my BH and LH and they gave me boxes ( not they seemed that pleased about it)
  7. I'd go into the store and ask for them.
  8. I usually don't get/ask for boxes for my bags as I store my bags in their dustcovers. I switch my bags too often to deal w/the boxes and the dustcovers! If you really want boxes just go to a store and ask for them.
  9. I'd definitely go ask for the boxes from the nearest LV Boutique.
  10. show us pics!