Question about my paddy

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if its normal for the area on the lock to look worn after a while?
  2. I think it is inevitable that the padlock will show wear/chip over time. I wonder if you take it to a shop if they could repaint it for a shoemaker? Just don't want him to paint it the wrong colour!!!:Push:
  3. Yea, it's bound to wear. There's not much to do to prevent it.
  4. Yeah, the metal-on-metal contact is a bit of a let down...I def wouldn't get it re-sprayed. It woulg make the lock look really bag - like a fake! Perhaps you could contact Chloe and see if their factory could do it for you, or they may be able to recommend a re-sprayer...
  5. Duh - there goes my spelling again!
  6. Hmmmm...I bet the chipping would make the bag look more vintag-ey. I am sure some die hard Paddington fans will respond soon.
  7. It's normal - esp. underneath the U shaped part. I expected that to happen and it doesn't bother me enough to have it re-painted or sprayed or anything. It would probably happen again anyway because of the metal to metal contact.
  8. Every single one of my locks has issues. The loop on the lock that rubs against the padlock loop shows wear on all four of my bags. There is also some slight chipping along the edges of the lock (top and bottom) on my Noir. Nothing major; you would have to get up really close to notice. I used to freak out over it but now it doesn't bother me. I try to be careful but with all the flipping back and forth to get in and out of the bag, scratching, chipping and peeling is gonna happen, like it or not.
  9. Actually, I think what they do to get the matte finishing on the lock is to oxidize it with some chemicals. They pickle the brass so that the surface gets a nice layer of matte oxide. This is how aluminium windows etc. can be treated to get silvery, or bronzy shades. Left on its own brass will slowly tarnish to a dull finish, but you will not get such a thick oxide layer unless it is treated by chemicals. The oxide is likely to be removed with use and because the natural process of oxidation in brass is slow, the oxide is not likely to come back without further treatment.

    I say this because I am a metallurgist, although I do not work with brass specifically.
  10. the only lock that won't get worn is the silver hardware. they don't coat it with anything. my grenat paddington with the gold lock started chipping after the first day. my anthracite paddy with the silver lock still looks the same as when i bought her and that was 8 months ago!
  11. The silver lock is stainless steel, which is much harder than brass. It also does not have a matte coating. Actually, it does – chromium oxide, which is what makes stainless steel, well, stainless. But this is invisible to the naked eye.
  12. the lock of my chocolate paddington started chipping as soon as i took it out of the box.
  13. My lock has chipped too - but not so bad that i'd want to re-spray or anything, it's not even that noticeable, only to me, i guess:P
  14. the lock on mine was chipped BEFORE I took it out of the box LOL :biggrin:

    I think it adds to the appeal. Lets face it, this is a bag that does not suit prestine, its meant to look worn in, isnt it :smile: