Question about my new Selma

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  1. II do not have an extensive MK collection; this one is only my third. So, I will ask you here, who are the experts. I was in the neighborhood of Lord & Taylor today (I am frequently in the neighborhood, because I live nearby). It is a block away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon, so the area was bustling with activity. I looked in the now tiny 60% off section in handbags, and I found that this beautiful large Selma had ended up here. I also could use a 25% off Friends and Family coupon. Final price, $114, thank you very much. Anyway, my question is, what do they call it. It’s a patent leather with a texture like LV Epi leather. As a matter of fact, LV would call it Electric Noir Epi. Do you know what MK calls this kind of leather? I cannot tell you how much I looooove this handbag. She’s a beauty.

  2. Wow! Those are brand new! You're very lucky to get it for that price!!
  3. This is the patent leather version of the Selma. Great deal! Are you sure it's the large and not the medium? If it's the large, that's a steal!
  4. I agree, looks like the brand new patent SCORED!
  5. Haha lucky you! Patent leather :lol:

  6. Fabulous deal!!!! I'm jealous.....:smile:
  7. Nice! That is an amazing deal. I was there 2 days ago but I am so picky I didn't fall in love with anything.
  8. Thanks all. I absolutely love it, and now I know how lucky I am. But the texture is like epi leather. Do they call it anything other than just patent leather (just out of curiosity)?

  9. I don't think so. I think it is just patent leather.
  10. Nice deal!!! I saw some at macy's the other day at full price, but I prefer the orig saffiano leather ;)
  11. You got lucky! He came out with the patent leather in black only last season and was on sale the beginning it this year and now for spring he relaunched it again but with added colors now !