Question about my new purchase

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  1. I purchased the large size of the cocoon bag but have decided its way too big and frankly am worried about the quality so I am taking it back. When I went into Chanel I saw the GST but in a larger size, I have the original size in black so I bought the new larger version in dark blue... do you think it's too big of a bag? I love big bags but my friend said it was huge! I am wondering what your opinions are...:tdown::tup:
  2. dark blue GST??? can you post pic plssss :smile:)
  3. the bigger the better IMO lol! I haven't seen any bigger version of GST aside from the denim31 line, it was very roomy but I pass on it b/c the open top. Was it an open top version too?
  4. Do you have modeling pics ? We might be able to advise the size better with pictures! ;)
  5. I know what bag your talking about, just saw it last week at BG, and I don't think it's too big at all. I would say it's around the size of a Goyard St. Louis GM or LV NF GM.
  6. Ladies have commented the GST gets heavier and heavier the longer it's carried, so that might be something to give serious thought.

    Sounds like you should test drive them both and see what you like, what you can use more often. If you have questions about the durability of the cocoon, you should ask a Chanel SA and inquire as to the ability to be spa'd/repaired should something happen. (Btw, leather purses carried long enough will need a vacation at the spa at some point.)
  7. NYMI, Yes I have that Goyard as well but the Goyard is not stiff so it doesnt seem as big. I loved the bag but my friend thought it was huge but I do love big bags... I just dont want to look like an idiot wearing it.. Girls also i would love to post pics but I dont know how!!!??!! I have a mac and have tried to compress the files and they are always too big, what am I doing wrong.. I would love to share my pics with you :sad:
  8. Pics would def help ! If you are tall and not built on a petite frame, I dont see the problem !
  9. (BTW im not saying that petites souldnt get GST...) just to clear the air !
  10. The new GST is SUPER big. It is kinda cool looking though. I didn't realize it was coming in dark blue. I have only seen it in black. I normally say just rock what you love, but in this case I think you need to be tall to carry it off.
  11. if you can't compress the pics to sizes small enough, you can always upload them to an online photo album and just post the links here, HTH!
  12. djrr... how would i do that?
  13. or some others...
  14. I think it looks hot because its bigger... but the SAs thought it was too big as well. However, we dont share the same taste. I unfortunately am NOT tall... I am 5 '4 but I wear heels all the time, lol I will try to figure out how to post a pic tonight
  15. I love big bags and if you wear heels and you think that bag is hot, go for it! You know what fits you best! I don't have small bags and I bought valentine in blue color few days ago, it's nice but it look so small to me! My friends are like "OMG this is the nicest bag you have!!!" and I'm like "OK if you say so,but it look like keychain on me":biggrin: so if you like how it looks, go for it!