Question about my new Michele watch

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  1. I have recently got the Michele csx 36 day diamond watch. I really like how it looks with the chronograph hand going around. But I'm wondering if running the chronograph all the time will run my battery down super fast. Anybody know?
  2. The SA at Nordstrom advised me to run the second hand on the bottom middle part only, not the second hand going around the outside of the watch due to the fact that will run the battery down faster. Do you like your watch? What bands do you have? I love Michele watches and have several of them!!
  3. Yes I love it!!! I have the black silicone band. The main reason I went with a Michele was the fact that you can change bands. I originally had the csx-36 without diamonds, and my husband exchanged it for the day diamond because of the sapphire crystal. The diamonds are very sparkly even though they're tiny.

    I want the stainless steel band next, but I definitely see a band addiction in the near future! Which watches do you have?
  4. Hi Texas Girl, yes running the chronograph all of the time will cut down on the life of your battery. My dad did it with his Tissot (the first chrono he ever had) and I see it all the time at my work. Congrats on your Michele, they are such fun watches. I was a band-buying junkie for awhile.
  5. Just a little FYI, I received an e-mail from Michele telling me they will be offering a red and bright blue silicone 18mm strap. If you would like to order, here are the style numbers they sent me:

    Red- MS18AI040600

    Bright blue- MS18AI040972

    Not sure if they are available now or in the very near future, but I want these!

    sassc: wow, awesome collection of straps!

    Beenie: Thanks for the info. I'm afraid I will become a junkie, too!
  6. love, love love your collection. I wish there wewe more michele threads on here