question about my new edith

  1. Just received my medium edith satchel from NM, the tag says the color is " Ecureil", anybody has idea what does that mean? When I bought it, NM says it is "Whisky", is that the same thing? Thanks a lot!
  2. Yep, I have the Ecureil edith, and it is whiskey. I wondered as well when I ordered mine from NAP and the CS I talked to told me it was whiskey. I also searched previous threads 'cause quite a few others had the same question, seems like everyone agrees they are the same thing.
  3. It's whiskey, mine has Ecureil on the tag.
  4. Same here...
  5. thanks you all.
  6. Mine has the same tag, too! "Ecureil" = "Whiskey" it seems.