Question about my new Crimson Signature Tote

  1. Just got this today and I love it! But, I was wondering about the Coach it supposed to be this nude/bone color on the back? Does anyone know?


  2. I don't even see a bone color but I wanted to say I love the bag!! :tup:
  3. That bag looks like the real deal. It's lovely! If you're unsure, ask the authenticity experts.
  4. on the second picture, she flipped the little hang tag over and its a camel color...ummm....maybe someone else could chime in. I've never seen a hang tag with two diff colors???
  5. yep, i've seen it just like this! nice color!
    for the life of me i can't think of where or which bag exactly BUT I know I definitely have seen it with the flip side being that vachetta leather.
  6. I ordered my Crimson Stripe tote from JAX, and yes, it's that way. So is the Punch hangtag from the Punch Signature Stripe tote from '06.

    I have the whole set of Crimson (Beauty case, wristlet, tote, scarf, etc) and all the hangtags are vachetta (nude/bone color) on one side. So don't worry and enjoy your bag!
  7. ^^duh! :shame: that's where i've seen it... on my punch wristlet!! i just went and checked.
  8. BEAUTIFUL BAG!!! Enjoy her!!!!!!!!!!
  9. oh lol the first time there was only the one pic ;) yep, I have a chelsea bag that is black on one side and vachetta on the other.. beautiful bag!
  10. thanks girls!!