Question about my new bag....

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  1. I received my beautiful Balenciaga today from SoCal today (thank you very much!). The bag is amazing and I really love it. However, I find that the shoulder strap is just a smidgen too short for me. Now I know very little about B-bags so I guess I should have done my research first. Is there a different B-bag that would be a better fit for me, or will I just get used to the strap? I believe I have the medium city (SoCal, please correct me if I am wrong).

    Thanks! ;)
  2. The strap is not super long. I tend to handcarry the bag more. I'm not sure about the other styles, but I have the City.
  3. Hmmm...the shoulder strap is great; but, the bag will still be high under your arm. I use the shoulder strap on my City and am very happy with it - I can also use it messenger style. I use the handles very rarely; this is probably because I have the ice blue City and am terrified of getting it dirty.
    I think you will get used to it - most of us find the shoulder strap very comfy. Try it out for a few days, it will probaly feel awkward at first since you are not used to a bag being that high under your arm; but I bet in no time you will forget it is even there. :biggrin:

    Congrats on your fabulous new b-bag.
  4. Loganz - how do you fit the strap around you messenger style? It seems like a short strap for that?
  5. Okay, we must have different bags. I just tried it on messenger style and let's just say it is not flattering. Please help the clueless; do I have a small city? Here is the link to the auction:
  6. No, that is the medium city.

    I am pretty narrow in the chest/rib cage; perhaps this is why I can wear it this way. (sorry, now I am kind of embaressed that I even posted this as an option to b-bag owners.) I promise, Becca - you will get used to the shoulder strap on your shoulder; it has become my favorite way to carry the City.
  7. The hobo and the purse can be worn over the shoulder. The hobo holds more than the city, and despite the fact that the dimensions on the purse (length-wise and width-wise) are greater than those on the city, it holds less. There is also the work, the weekender and the shopper, but those bags are all slightly larger. You can get an idea of the sizes in the moto line here:

    Enjoy your new city!
  8. I typically hand/arm carry my city bags as well. I only use the shoulder straps when my arms are full.
  9. Thank you Jag - that is the Ice Blue City :love: .
  10. It is so gorgeous! DROOL!!!
  11. Do you use your city with the shoulder strap slung across the back or just on the shoulder? My bags always deform in a funny way.. it folds/droops badly in the middle when I hold it up by the shoulder strap even with my stuff in it. I'd love to use the strap more but I can't get over the sagging.
  12. You can try the "box" style. The shoulder strap is longer - about 27 inches. Mostly though, I carry my Balenciagas by the hand or under the arm. But the "box" style has the long shoulder strap.
  13. My City bag I carry as a satchel. If you prefer a shoulder bag perhaps you would be interested in the Purse. Here is pic of one for your reference.