Question about my groom bandeau scarf

  1. I purchased the red groom bandeau to tie on my mono speedy, but I have an odd question.

    The Louis Vuitton Made in Italy tag is on the front of the scarf, right off to the side of the groom. I would've thought that this tag would have been on the back of the scarf where there is no design.

    I woud prefer not to have to cut the brand tag off, but I think it'll look odd if left on the front.

    Did I get a weird scarf or is this something you have to do with all of the scarves/bandeaus.
  2. I don't have a Groom Bandeau, but I believe that all have the tag on the front.

    Oh... and: Don't cut off the tag!!! It's the best part!!! :P
  3. I have a bandeau from LV, not groom, but the tag did that also. It was hard for me, but I cut the tag off. It just made me feel funny walking around with the tag sticking out.