Question about my greige twiggy...

  1. Hey everyone! I'm new here... and let me start off by saying that I'm obsessed with Balenciaga! :heart:

    Two weeks ago, I purchased my second bbag (my first purchase was a black city), which is a greige twiggy from Neimans! I carried it for the first time last weekend to the mall, and when I got home I noticed that there was some fading on the lower right hand corner on the back of the bag.

    I'm super anal about my bags, so maybe it's no big deal... but I just wanted to see what you guys thought.

    Is that normal? The rest of the bag is shiny, minus that one part in the back... but it wasn't like that when I bought it. My black bbag was never very shiny to begin with, and it's even all around.

    Here are some pics... it's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! :love:

    balenciaga 001.jpg

    balenciaga 002.jpg

    balenciaga 003.jpg
  2. Hi and welcome! I don't really know what to suggest about the spot. I can't see it from the pics but I know what you mean. Hopefully others can offer more guidance. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your bag! I feel myself becoming obsessed with that style and color.
  3. Welcome to tPF!

    I see the spot you're referring to. Over time, the more you use the bag, the more the rest of your bag will look like that area. Bbag leather does get softer and more matte as you use them. It could be that when you took your bag out that one time, that area got a bit more "scuffing", as in it may have rubbed against your body as you carried it, more so than the other parts of the bag.
  4. Thanks!

    Yeah... it's such a beautiful color. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! :love:
  5. Thank you! I feel much better now, lol. I was seriously freaking out about that one spot... but knowing it that it will even out over time makes me feel better.

    You're right, I guess it was rubbing against my body more in that area... I just held it against me, and noticed it rubs right on that faded spot as I walk.

    Thanks again for your help!:smile:
  6. You're most welcome!:smile: Your bag is gorgeous. And eventually it will soften up and go nice and smooshy.:amuse: Enjoy her!
  7. definitely with wear, b-bags become more matte, particularly the newer, shinier leather. Some of us speed up the matte-ing process by massaging our new b-bags with lubriderm or appleguard, which makes our bags nice and matte, and thicker too.

    LOVE YOUR BAG and enjoy!
  8. congrats on your greige twiggy.
    this is just part of the transformation of a new bag!
  9. Hello! Welcome to tPF and congrats on your new new bag!:flowers: It looks gorgeous! I can't tell very well from the pic, but from what you said it sounds like part of the shiny bit is gone from that area. It was there when you bought it, though, right? So, usage has made it fade. That's what will happen when you use your bag. A lot of gals here speed up the process by massaging their bags, etc.
  10. Beautiful bag!!! I got a Greige City, and I absolutely love it, I've never had so many compliments on a bag.
    Enjoy it!!!