Question about my credit card chargeback

  1. Hi everyone!

    I filed a credit card chargeback on an item that I never got (the seller ran away with 3 people's money, to which she got negative feedback)...I actually filed a PayPal claim first and PayPal only refunded 40% of the money, so I filed a chargeback for the 60% and my credit card put that money back into my balance on Oct 26.

    BUT, today I get this email from PayPal saying that they've been notified of my chargeback, and initiated another "claim" in my PayPal account with an email sent to the seller. What's going on?! What can PayPal do at this point? My credit card account has already returned the remaining 60% back to my balance...can PayPal take that away? If PayPal can't do anything against this chargeback then what is the purpose of this?

    Can anyone offer any insight into this?

    Thanks a million in advance!
  2. You can call Paypal at 1.888.221.1161 to ask them directly.
  3. Thank you for your help!:smile: