Question about my Chanel patent pouch

  1. I bought this darling little patent Chanel pouch while I was in Paris in November. :yahoo:

    Here's my question: are these pouches made of LEATHER or vinyl patent? I can't seem to figure it out and it's not on any of the care cards. Anyone know? (My friend in Paris, who is somewhat of a Chanel expert, tells me it's leather.)
    Either way, I LOOOOVE this little bag. :love:

    (sorry my photos are not the greatest but you get the idea ;) )



  2. Ooh, that's the little Ritz pouch. I've been wanting that. I'm pretty sure it's patent leather.
  3. Thats patent leather
  4. yes definitely patent leather.
  5. Thanks girls for the info! I soooo love this little pouch and I had no idea it was called the Ritz- I am somewhat unfamiliar with all the Chanel collections. Its perfect for inside my bag and also doubles as a really cute clutch for going out at night. :love:

    There is a story behind this little bag- when I was in Paris, I had a major doh! moment- I WASHED MY PASSPORT in the washing machine and DRIED IT!

    Sooooo what happened was I had to go to the U.S. Embassy to get a new one issued. I took a taxi over there first thing the next morning (after my unfortunate laundry 'incident') and had my new PP within one hour. (RA! To the US embassy folks, who were super nice, BTW!)

    After all that stress and lucky for MOI, ground zero for one of the greatest shopping areas in Paris is about a block from the embassy, so I high-tailed it over there after I was finished (Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré). While I was walking around and drooling over all the boutiques, I saw a really cute French woman wearing jeans and sunglasses walk by with this clutch in her hand. I knew then that I had to have one!

    Later that week, I was with two friends who live in Paris and we went to Le Bon Marche department store's Chanel boutique and asked about the clutch. We were told they were sold out at that location. Later that same day we made our way to Chanel on rue Cambon. We asked there as well and were told by a rather, ehh, snotty SA that they did not have the clutch. (Even my Paris friend told me she thought the SA acted snotty towards her, and she speaks much better French than I do!) A male SA overheard us asking for it and asked us to wait a moment... he disappeared off the floor and in a few minutes came back with the clutch!
    :yahoo: :love: :yahoo:
  6. Roo, I LOVE the Ritz pouch!!!
    GREAT buy! I'm not sure if you could even find one now{?}
  7. Swankykins,

    Is the Ritz pouch an older style? Why is it so hard to find?
  8. Nooo, it's new! It's just been one of those fab lines that was a hit, the bags are fantastic too!:yes: It just came out this F/W.
  9. Usually, I am not a clutch fan but given the chance, I would buy yours in a heartbeat. Congratulations on a fabulous bag!
  10. LOVE this Roo! Great find! Even better now that it's almost impossible to get;)
  11. Roo, I'm anxious to know how much you paid for it and what are the approx. measurements? I love it! In fact, I'm going to call my SA tomorrow and ask her to get me one. I just tbought this pouch, to put all my loose items in and I adore it....but love yours more!
    This is 6.5"w x 5"h x 2.5"d Its a quilted lambskin w/ center zipper w/ silver hardware.
    Here is a picture of mine.
    2007-01-04_240001.JPG 2007-01-04_250001.JPG 2007-01-04_260001.JPG
  12. i love your little ritz pouch, roo!
    *sigh* i want something ritz!
  13. Oh it's so cute! Lucky you!
  14. that's a really cute pouch
  15. OMG !!!!
    Roo, I've forgoten how this pouch is GORGEOUS !
    It was a such great day for shopping in Paris ;)