Question about my Black Day

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  1. I purchased my Black Day from Aloha Rag a few months ago. I believe it's an 07.

    While I have gotten compliments on my bag (even from an SA), I have never truly loved the leather. I wanted a smooshy, smooth thick bag and this one is a bit veiny and marbly. I was considering using Lubriderm on it but I don't think it will do anything.

    I've been considering purchasing another black Day (I would go to a store and pick it out) but would that be insane? Any other suggestions?

  2. If your not in love with it, then your not. Maybe you should sell it and go pick out another one. Everyone has different taste and Im sure another bbag lover would adore a more veiny bag. Personnally I just ordered my bbag from AR and asked for a more distreesed, veiny look, its all personal preferance.
  3. I asked AR for a thick, smooshy, non veiny bag and they assured me that is what I would get. I was immediately disappointed when I opened the box but I also didn't want to deal with returning it (although I should have).

    It's a great bag, but not the "one" for me, I guess.

    Thank you for your advice!!
  4. Judie! How are you?...

    Have you tried your Neiman Marcus? I always see Day bags from them that are really smooth (I'm supspecting that they are from past seasons). Or how about Bal NY? Since you live close by:yes:
  5. that's a bummer that you don't like your bag! there was a thread posted not too long ago from another PFer who used lubriderm on her black purse and it looks amazingly smooth and thick and rich!

    i used it on the bottom of my black city and it took the veins right out - it made the bag seem almost darker than before.

    since you're not going to return the bag, you could either sell it or try the lubriderm and see if you like the results.

    and no, i don't think it's crazy to get another black b-bag. it's your $$, so you should get what makes you happy! besides, the black day seems to sell like hotcakes on ebay! good luck either way
  6. The lubriderm doesn't really rid of the veins, (from my personal experience). It gives the leather a "hydrated" and rejuvenated look. It made a big difference on my Black Weekender (it was gorgeous to begin with but the leather was a bit dry and lubriderm was just like...hmm..magic!!!)
  7. Hi guys- thanks for understanding. Nic- I forgot the name of the poster but yes, that is exactly the type of leather I am looking for (on her black purse).

    ICB- I didn't think Lubriderm was going to help with the veins... but you know, I am not going to go through the hassle of ebay so I will probably try the Lubriderm and see how it works. I just apply and rub it in right? LOL!!! :P I don't feel like spending the money on a new Black Day at this point!

    I will keep her either way, so it won't hurt to use the Lubriderm. Will keep everyone posted...

    Thanks again!!!
  8. Good luck with the Lubriderm! I thought it really helped with the veins on one of my '06 bags. Granted, the veins weren't too prominent, but I definitely noticed a difference! Let us know how it goes!
  9. Thanks Pip- so I just rub the Lubriderm into the bag, right? Why am I so nervous????:confused1:
  10. Yes. Just rub it in (I would recommend to do it a little at a time...and in a more "discrete" area...see how you like the change then go on. It would take a few coats though.
  11. Yup, just rub it in. I massaged my bag like crazy. I put the Lubriderm on my hands then massaged it into the bag, twisting it around, etc. It made a big difference, my bag felt so much softer!
  12. Muchas Gracias!!!! :smile:

  13. I totally agree. Matter of fact I just bought a black 06 day from NM and the leather could be confused with the smooth 05 leather. Maybe you should just sell the one you have after you pick out one that you love.
  14. Thanks Z! Now I'm totally confused! The thing is, I don't sell on ebay, etc... (and please mods, I am not trying to sell my day here). I just feel like I have to force myself to fall in love with my Day...unless I bite the bullet and buy a new one and hope I can sell this one when I am able to join the marketplace (if ever???) :sad:
  15. I have read enough posts to make me feel confident to try the lubriderm trick if I had a bag that I wasn't happy about finish wise (esp veins). Overall, most seem to be happy with it.

    Of course, def try on a small area under the bag somewhere first.

    Good luck.