Question about my Birkin

  1. I have an orange birkin 30 with hot pink inside, does anyone know why?
    I love it, I was just wondering.
  2. It could (must) have been special ordered by someone who then declined it.
  3. woo a bicolor birkin? is it hotpink (fuschia or rose shocking) piping, too? or just the inside? bicolor birkins are not as easily seen.
    now we REALLY REALLY want to see the picture! that must be stunning!!! :drool::drool:
  4. I want pics!
  5. I hope you can see the pink. Isn't it gorgeous?
    Hermes 012.JPG Hermes 011.JPG
  6. Yummy! thank you for posting pictures :smile:
  7. Wow, what a great color combination. Is there pink piping on the outside or all orange?? It must have been a special order.
  8. i love orange and pink!
  9. oh its like sorbet. I want it.
  10. Gorgeous!! Yup, a special order that someone declined and you were lucky enough to get! Congrats!
  11. That's absolutely stunning!

    I would have never thought those two colors would go together that well...
    Congratulations on that special piece, HL07!
  12. That's a yummy combination!! (Guccigal is right, it does look like sorbet.) Lovely. Thanks so much for the pics!
  13. Yum...that makes me want ice cream!!!
  14. From the picture, it looks like it has orange tone-on-tone piping.

    This bag is gorgeous. And yes, a SO that was declined and released for sale!
  15. Yummy combination! Reminds me of some desert or gum.