question about my birkin order

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  1. At the Paris Hermes store, I asked about ordering a birkin. Was asked which kind I wanted, and I gave a few choices, SA checked computer told me I could not order one color, but could order another color in 35. she wrote down my name and address. didn't show me any choices of leathers. told me we'd do everything by phone. I was so excited I didn't ask any questions, but now I'm wondering--how long will it take for my bag to come? if they're reallly custom made, why wasn't I shown a selection? why could I order one color combo and not another? any insight would be much appreciated.
  2. Things tend to work a bit mysteriously over there. If she took down any info but didn't commit to a particular combo, chances are they will call you when something comes in that fits the general criteria you are asking for. Each season, they have a certain number of combinations they will produce, so, if you were fairly general, I imagine you will be called at some point. How long has it been?
  3. Thank you for responding. It was all quite hurried. But, what I asked for was orange or tan(I would have loved to have used proper name and chosen leather, but since I've never seen the swatches, I couldn't), silver or gold hardware 35. She checked the computer, told me it was not possible to order the orange, but was possible to order the "tan" 35, gold hardware. and we filled out an order form, she said "we'll do it all by phone" but didn't tell me how long it would take or anything. odd, right? does this mean I'm on a waiting list? or the bag is in production?
  4. this was 2 weeks ago.
  5. "Tan" usually means the color gold; that with gold H/W should be a pretty easy combo for them. Yes, this should be in some sort of routine production already. If she filled out a form, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Probably within a few months, max 6.
  6. Thank you very much. this is helpful. do you think she will ship it to me in NYC? or I can have card imprinted in NYC? or will we have to go to paris to pick it up?
  7. They will send it to you and you will either do a wire transfer or pay by AmEx (I have found that the Amex route is slightly less expensive and is definitely easier). Once the bag is waiting for you at the Paris store, things happen very quickly. The final price will already have the VAT deducted. A few weeks after you receive the bag, you will get a separate bill from FedEx that is for the duty (ouch).
  8. fantastic! DH told me to put it on his Amex, so that's the way we'll go. I'm so excited. He gave me black 35 togo (is that the softish, textured leather) with silver hardware for Christmas 3 years ago. I carry it almost every day. I thought it was the only bag I'd ever need, but now I've got the bug, and crave more birkins! I'm sure you understand :smile:
    Thank you for all your help. It was a mysterious process and I feared I'd never see the bag.
  9. You are most welcome. I've been a customer there for years and it is still a mysterious process at times! I started with black textured leather, PH, too. Congrats.
  10. merci!
  11. I just bought a 35 birkin togo black in PARIS . Iwent in the shop about 10.30 in the morning and I place on order for 2 CROCODILLE birkin, 1 ostrich,
    and 2 togo....... the comment ...very difficult..! Anyway by 3pm they did call me back and by 4pm I was wolking away with my new precius black joy
  12. ^^luck! Congrats!
  13. never mind :smile:
  14. never mind.
  15. Never mind ,Congrats!:smile: