Question about multicolor vachetta

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  1. Is the vachetta very light on the multicolor, the same as all the other LV items or is it darker? My niece got a key purse and it is pretty dark already, wondering if it may be a return. Thanx.
  2. As far as I know, the vachetta is all the same. I have some mono pieces, and there was no difference between how pale that vachetta was and the vachetta on my Black MC Mini Pochette and Wapity.

    Did your niece's gift come from an LV store? If not, I'm wondering (sorry!) if it is authentic.

  3. Thank you for the reply. It was purchased at an LV store. She will take it there and look at the rest of them and see if it looks the same as the other ones.
  4. Sometimes they have certain pieces out on display and then they rotate them. I have seen bags for sale that have already started to turn colour. She should return it if she is not happy with the colour. Myself I love patina so I figure it is a bonus if it has already developed some.

  5. Thanx :smile:
  6. I only like the new Vachetta and it toke me a while to get use to the patina. She should return it if she doesn't like patina.
  7. The vachetta is the same. However, MC accessories' vachetta on the inside is COATED.