Question about Mulberry Lily bag

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  1. Hello!

    Lately i've been eyeing the lily bag (the small size, i guess thats the regular?). But whenever i've seen pictures online of the bag secondhand it looked very out of shape and just...old.

    Is this something I have to take into consideration when buying this bag, that it doesn't age nicely?

    Thank you for your help! 7759105-1_1.jpg 7880281-1_1.jpg

    I would buy the bag new, but I want it to last me a long time (obviously) :smile:
  2. I would put a liner in! There is a thread here somewhere, presenting liners. They do wonders for the structure of a bag, and they keep you organised as well.
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  3. best idea.
  4. Thank you for your help! Ill look into that!
  5. I have made my own, easy if you are familiar with sewing. I've also seen nice ones from handbag angel or samorga amongst others.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I really cant sew so i will have a look online :smile:
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    Samorga are the best IMO but a longer wait and quite pricey now. I've purchased other brands in the past and some haven't fitted properly. Felt liners also take up quite a bit of room, especially if you have additional pockets. It isn't ideal in a bag this size as you lose quite a bit of space.
    I ended up making my own like Talia did and used thinner felt. I've two Lily bags now and never had a problem with them sagging.

    Hopefully someone can add pictures of other brands of liner in a Lily to give you a better idea. There is an old thread somewhere with "before and after" .
  8. Depends on what leather your bag is and storage. My Lily is the natural grained leather and still looks perfect and structured after 5 years. I have a Samorga liner, which I use when being stored.
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