Question about Monograming Hermes Bags...

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  1. I'm thinking about getting my Birkin monogramed (above the interior zipped pocket) and I was wondering do they let you choose the font? Also can you choose what color you want it done in? I just want gold but I was wondering what your options are.
    Thanks for any info!!
  2. As in hot embossing?

    Your options are blind embossing, gold embossing and silver embossing.

    Font wise - no choice. It depends on the embossing kit the craftsman has. Capital letters or small letters.
  3. You can also get rouge H and marron fonce embossing, but they will usually want to match it to the embossing already on the bag.
  4. Depends on your store. The bigger stores give you a choice of font and size. In addition to the colours mentioned, there's black too.
  5. Thanks for the info!! I forgot to ask how much does it cost?
  6. Wouldn't it be cool to have real monograming on some of the styles? could request this when you place an that when the bag is made up, it would have your initials in elegant looking threads.....somewhere on the bag.
  7. When I had my Bolide heat stamped, they let me choose the font. I love it!
  8. I was told it is complimentary.
  9. ^ mine was. I haev the inside strap of my Black Box Kelly strap silver foil stamped with my three initials - it was FREE!

    YAY! Something free from Hermes! But you have to have the bag, first.........ugh....
  10. Also, just wanted to add, my chamonix is heatstamped (no foil colour), and the h/w is gold. They wouldn't momogramme it in anything but the natural heatstamp, they really like to match the original stamp.
  11. Can anyone shared some pictures of the heatstamp on your H bags? I want to momogramme something on my next Birkin as well

    :girlsigh: :cutesy: :tender: