question about monogram mini lin

  1. What color is the ebene canvas on these bags? On elux it is hard to tell from the with brown monogram??
  2. It is a really dark brown with a light brown monogram pattern.
  3. one with flash

    one without..
  4. I'd say it's an extremely dark-brown that can look black in certain lights but it's brown when compared with black. The monogram pattern is a golden colour, it's hard to describe - it's not shiny gold but it's not quite yellow either.
  5. The mini lin speedy in ebene is a very dark brown color with a pale golden logos, it's matte, not shiny at all
  6. It looks more like the picture with out flash my aunt has this one and it is beutiful in person if you like that chocolate brown you will be very please the handles look great too. :drool:
  7. do you prefer this one to the speedy?
  8. visit my blog. i have photos of my mini lin there in muted light. i would say it is a very dark brown background with a sort of bronze monogram. hard to describe. my SA said that eventually the linen blend will make it a bit shiny.
  9. Here is mine