question about monogram glace men's wallet

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  1. have a quick question everyone

    as i am aware, the only time that the men's range ever came in something close to the vernis finish was when the monogram glace came out for some men's bags and wallets.

    i'm particularly interested in getting a monogram glace from the resale market - my question is, did the monogram glace come in the florin men's wallet model, or something similar (similarly 'complex' number of card slots etc) ?

  2. #2 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    The Monogram Glacé line came out with 6 Men's wallets:
    -Portefeuille Compact
    -Porte-Billets Monnaie Zippe
    -Portefeuille Double
    -Pocket Organizer
    -Porte-Billets 6 CC

    The one that's closest to resembling the Florin wallet wold be the Porte-Billets Monnaie Zippe, but it's a zip-around Men's wallet.

    I have a gut feeling that the wallet you're looking at on the resale market is counterfeit... Monogram Glace small leather goods rarely pop up on eBay, and I usually see the same wallet style pop up in authentication inquiries... which match up to your description. :s

    For reference, here's a picture of all of the Monogram Glacé wallets produced:

  3. john much thanks I am very grateful for your input!