Question about Monogram Canvas


Jan 25, 2006
I don't pay much attention to info on the Mono line since it's not one of my faves, so I'm wondering...does the Monogram canvas fade in time? I noticed that the Mono cles pictured in one of my collection photos is a lot lighter than the rest of my Mono pieces. See here:


Most of these pieces were given to me by my mom...all I know about the cles is that it's from the early 90's and heavily used, haha. So could that explain why the color is different? :shrugs:
The monogram does fade over time...sometimes it even has some rubbing (as in, the gold monogram looks like it's been rubbed off). I have a couple vintages that are like that.

Also, the monogram could have different dye lots. I notice that my US bags tend to have a yellower tinge than my French bags (which are noticeably paler). I bought a brand new bucket pochette from the boutique, and it's considerably paler compared to my US bucket...and the US bucket is 8 years old.
I've also sort of revived the appearance of fading or darker looking older Mono pieces by cleaning and applying a little armorall or something of the like....