Question about monitors

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  1. I went out today and bought a new flat screen monitor but bought a wide screen.
    My previous monitor was a flat as well, but wow are the colors different.

    the purse forum pink is really pink, like fuchsia pink. Its not this bright on my other monitor.

    Does anyone one else use a wide screen monitor. or notice this difference in color? :shrugs:

    Previous monitor was/is Samsung 912N, new one is an LG L204WT
  2. There should be buttons where you can adjust the settings. :yes: may get you back to what you are used to.
  3. doesnt help.
    I'm wondering if its just due to being new and new technology?
  4. Very possible - in fact I have a two 20" Dell flat screens at work. One is older (4 yrs or so), the other is about a year old. The colors are definitely different.
  5. Well i'm going to go and purchase another tomorrow and see if they are the same, if so I know its the monitor and being new. If not, then I know this one is messed up.

    So we'll see.
  6. I just got a new laptop that is WAY I need sunnies...LOL..There are ways(Adjustmt buttons) to dim the colors......look at the manual or ask where you bought it from if there is a way to dim it
  7. Well that is what is, its just way brighter because its new/wide screen technology. At least we have it figured out,. thank you everyone.