Question about Mon Monogram

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  1. Hi, I have a question for anyone who has a mon monogram piece. Do you think the quality of mon mono items is superior to regular mono items? I'm looking to buy a mono Speedy B and had a hard time at the store finding one without any issues. If I went for mon mono instead, do you think I'd be more likely to get a better made bag? My issues were crooked chaps, uneven handles, and wrinkled leather strips. The canvas was also very thin, much more so than my 2008 Speedy. Any chance the mon mono Speedies have thicker canvas, too? :biggrin:

    TIA for any help. :flowers:
  2. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Having just bought a speedy B in mon mono, azur and damier in the last few months I found all three the same. None of my bags had issues
  3. Is the mono print thinner than say my 07 speedy yes.
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  4. It's the same canvas for bags with or without personalization.
  5. All canvas is thinner now than years ago. Mon Mono doesn't make a difference. The only guarantee is that it will be made in France.
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