Question about modern chain flap

  1. I am a total newbie to Chanel, but having just acquired a Baby Cabas and a medium luxe flap, thanks to 2 wonderful tPFer's, I find myself lusting after another Chanel.

    Let me say that I love Balenciagas and Chloe Paddingtons – all slouchy bags, so the classic Chanel shape has never and still does not appeal to me. However, I saw photos of the modern chain flap and it appears that they are somehow not quite as rigid? Am I right to say that the modern chain flap is slightly less structured than the usual Chanel flaps?

    Are there any Chanel flaps that have a softer, unstructured look like the Cabas and the luxe flap (although I must say the small luxe flap looks more structured than the medium or large version)?

    Would appreciate any advice from Chanel "veterans"! :flowers:
  2. The modern chain flap is definitely softer and less structured. So is the expandable flap.
  3. The soft and chain might be what you're looking for- do a search and you can see the bag.....
  4. Roxane- Jill has the one I'm talking about. It is a hobo style. Good luck!
  5. The Luxe Flap is also a great option.
    It's very unstructured and holds WAY more the the MC Flap.
  6. I love my modern chain flap..just b/c it is more unstructured. I don't carry much when i'm out though...card case, cell, keys, gloss and sunnies.

    the Ultimate Soft, Rock and Chain and Soft and Chain are all great, "slouchy" bags.