Question about MJ's little stam bag....

  1. Yesterday I was all set to buy the Marc Jacob patchwork stam in ivory. I came to this forum and was reading some posts, trying to get some info about the weight. Someone (I think in the Caroline thread) mentioned that the Caroline was not as heavy as the stam or the Chloe. Since I have shoulder/neck "issues" (what did we say before we said "issues?" :smile:), I quickly started thinking I'd better not get the stam and ordered the MJ little stam bag from NAP.

    Today I got the notice that the bag had been sent and noticed the weight. EIGHT (8) lbs.!! Was this a typo? The most any bag I've ever ordered was 3 lbs., according to the receipt for the shipping. The Gucci in my avatar was also shipped by DHL, and it was under 3 lbs., for instance, so it's not the extra padding the delivery service uses.

    My question is - Does it really weigh this much, and is it as heavy feeling as that sounds? Thanks for any info. It will be here tomorrow, so this is just to ease (or not) my mind until then.
  2. A few members have this bag, I myself own the e/w baby stam. It's really not that heavy IMO. I think the problem occurs when you put a lot of stuff in and then wear it for a long time. The chain strap will dig into your shoulder if there is a lot of weight in the bag. I have no idea why the package would weigh 8 lbs for shipping, the bag itself probably weighs less then 2 lbs.
  3. Thanks thithi! I was hoping that 8 lbs was an error, so maybe it was. I'm going out with it almost immediately after it comes, and I didn't want to be in agony by 6 p.m. I'll minimize what I'll be carrying and see. Appreciate your answering.
  4. Oh, I forgot, silly me..

    Congrats on your new baby stam!! I want to see pics when you get her!
  5. Haha, I think I may have been the one who said the Caroline isn't as heavy as the stam or paddy. The little stam is a great choice if you like the look of the stam but dislike the weight I ADORE the little stam and I'm going to get one at the end of this month whilst in Vegas! I'm so excited for you, congratulations!
  6. Congrats on getting a little stam :smile:
    hehe wow 8lbs?!
    Yeah it is definitly less than that, holding mine right now, full of my stuff (cell/wallet/keys/sunglasses) it's probably 3 lbs.