Question about MJ Stam Hardware (Zipper Pull) Problem...

  1. I received my black east/west stam in the mail about a week ago from the NAP sale - and it's GORGEOUS! However, I was disappointed to see, when I took the plastic off the front zippers, that one of the zippers has a nick in it. :sad: It actually looks like the gold coating chipped off in one spot. I emailed NAP and they generously offered me another 10% off (which would be almost $80, I think). However, I'm worried about this nick/chip - do you think it will tarnish/rust, and will it make it more likely that the entire zipper pull will have all its coating chip off/tarnish/rust? :shrugs: And is there anything I can do to repair it? I have an MJ store nearby so I could bring it by there if you think it would help.

    I've attached photos of the damage below - it's small, but you can see it on the center of the edge of the right side of the zipper.



  2. i don't *think* it would rust...but i might call an MJ boutique just to check. in terms of whether to keep it or not, the big question is how much it will bug you. i'm always soooo paranoid about scratches or imperfections on my bag, esp, when i first get it. you just have to decide whether those things tend to bother you long term....and whether it will take away from your overall enjoyment of the bag. if it will, it's not worth it. if you can look past it and still love the bag, you should keep it - the extra 10% off is a great incentive, but only if you can look past the scratch :smile:
  3. ^ I agree... If it bothers you, don't keep it. You'll regret not getting rid of it in the long run. They didn't offer to exchange the bag? I don't think it will rust, but it may tarnish and get darker in color...
  4. Ok, after pondering it I think I may just keep if after all. But first, I think I'll take it to the MJ store tomorrow to see what they have to say about it. I'm hoping they won't think it's a big deal (i.e., it won't rust), or that they'll replace the zipper pull for me. Thanks ladies!