Question about MJ label

  1. I was in Off the 5th today and I saw they had 2 new bags, one was an Antique White Sophia. I opened the bag to take a look at it and instead of the usual Marc Jacobs plate with Made In Italy on it, it said Marc Jacobs, then it had the signature underneath and it said Limited Edition. I took a picture with my camera phone, but I have to figure out how to setup my email to send it to myself.

    Is this the only bag like that or were there others?
  2. I'm no expert, but I thought the LEs were Stellas instead of Sophias?? I'd love to see the pics of an LE Sophia if there is one, though!
  3. It was this bag, but in Antique White

  4. Most bags (from Resort 2004 onwards, some before) have both MARC JACOBS and MADE in ITALY on the plate. Older bags only have MARC JACOBS on the name plate, MADE IN ITALY is either stamped onto the suede lining or sewn onto the fabric lining in the interior pocket. There are bags that don't have the name plate as well.

    Antique White was one of the colors of Stella/Sofia/Cammie LE in S/S 2004. This color was made for Soft Calf styles in Resort 2004.
  5. yah, it's real. for some reason there are a lot of these 'limited editions' that pop up at the outlets.....i want one in butterscotch
  6. Stella/Sofia/Cammie Limited Edition (S/S 2004) have brass buckles, they are reissues of the original Stella/Sofia/Cammie.

    This is New Sophia from Soft Calf line. There were 3 different Whites made for Soft Calf line in 2004.
  7. Thank you for posting that. If anyone is interested I think that bag was like $529.
  8. Were the pushlocks different? Was it a buckle?

  9. I'm almost postive that it was the bag bag.lover posted. I'll try to stop by there tomorrow and double check.
  10. Well, if you decide to go for her, I hope she's a good price! Of course, you could always wait for one of those 30% off coupons....
  11. Nah I won't be picking that up. I can not buy anything in white. It won't last more than a day lol.

    I have a 50% off coupon for NM LC though, but the one I went to only had small MP's. I think I am going to start calling around to see if I can find a Blake or Selma in a color I like. Those are going to be my next purchases.
  12. they had selma bags on sale @ the off of Saks in camarillo at the camarillo outlets. i went in last week, so they should still be there....stuff just sits at the outlets here....
  13. Do you happen to remember what colors they had? I've only seen Selma's in Passion, Thistle I think (it looked like Thistle, but it could have been another name) and Taupe.
  14. That is too funny, I was there last sunday!