Question about Miu Miu bow Satchel

  1. I was just wondering is Miu Miu Bow Satchel part of Classic Collection or will be ?
    b/c I read somewhere that it'll go on sale eventually....I know white did but I didn't think black, or popular colors would.
    Just curious!:smile:
  2. not Prada/Miu Miu experts, but i do know thoes bow satchel goes on sale depending on color in Saks :yes: If it never goes on sale, you can always get them through Saks's EGC event & enjoy the store credit :flowers:
  3. ^ classc Chic is right.. SA in the Singapore boutique told me that the bow satchel in seasonal colours go on sale.. whereas the staple beige, black etc etc never do.. and im pretty sure this design would be a classic design since they release the same style just in seasonal colours
  4. Saks in Beverly Hills told me that even if seasonal colors go on sale, they usually sell out at the normal price before the start of the sale season.

    Hence, if you see something you like, GET it.

    But you may get lucky if somebody returns a past season purse that gets marked down.
    I usually bite the bullet. :love: Since I never seem to get lucky!