Question about Miu Miu Bow Bag

  1. So I received mine from Miu Miu (NY store) does it only come with one folded Miu Miu card? Just wanted to make sure :smile:
    Also do you guys use leather protection like Apple Guard?

  2. One more thing to add: another tpfer told me that she received the folded card along with another card w/style it normal that I only received the folded care instruction card with mine in the mail?
  3. They should come with the care card (the folded care you referred to) and an authenticity card which gives the style number, color, name, etc. ;)
  4. Should I call the store tomorrow? b/c when I phoned the SA today she said it tdidn't come with authenticity card like PRADA..just the folded card?:shame:
  5. I've purchased from the Miu Miu stores and all my items have included a folded care card as well as separate cards detailing style #, color etc.

    You should talk to your SA again. If somebody removed the card by accident, your SA should be able to grab the style card from another purse. I hope it helps.

  6. Definitely call! The SA is wrong. All Miu Miu bags come with 2 cards. One care card AND the authenticity card which identifies the bags style, color, model number, etc. Linpaddy is right, they should be able to provide you with one.

    Really bothers me when SAs give misinformation about the bags they are selling. :cursing: If I were you, I would speak to a supervisor instead. I'm sure you've paid good money for your bag and purchased it from a reputable outlet. You are entitled to all that comes with the bag for that very reason. ;)
  7. Will someone call and ask please? 212-334-5156...
    I already called today MIU MIU BOUTIQUE in NY and 2 different SAs told me they keep it for record with copy of receipt?