Question about Mini Looping

  1. Hello all,
    I hope someone can answer my question. Can a Mini Looping Bag Handle be replaced? I know it might look strange on a pre-owned purse, but I want to know incase its something I might want to do for one of my sisters. :yes: There's an auction I'm watching, and not sure how long it takes for this process, and how expensive it might be. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I forgot someone might want to see the Mini Looping Purse, here's the link. LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM CANVAS MINI LOOPING BAG - MPRS (item 250051893049 end time 26-Nov-06 21:27:56 EST)

    and........sorry if I'm posting in the wrong spot.
  2. I believe you can have the handles replaced. It takes about 6-8 weeks and the store would have to quote you a price.
  3. LV can replace it easily..It won't be that expensive considering speedy handles for $145