Question about Mini Lin speedy

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    I bought my Mini Lin speedy a few months ago and everything looked/felt fine, except that the tab is not imprinted with Made in France! nor does it say Louis Vuitton. Is that normal? It was authenticated here, I can't believe I never realized this. :s

    EDIT: it must have faded! :biggrin: i can barelyyyy make it out. i feel relieved now haha
  2. I have no imprints on mine either, and I bought my Mini Lin Speedy at a LV store :yes:
    Your should be ok :smile:
  3. if I recall mine was imprinted, but it was quite faint!
  4. When was it authenticated here? I cannot find your post.

    And yes, they're usually very faded but still there.
  5. Yes, I see my imprint now but it is very very faint. Sorry about my post above :oh:
  6. it's there, it's very fainted. it's most likely MIF as most mini lins are
  7. I have a dune and an ebene and the imprint is very faint and hard to see.
  8. the seller linked me to the post where the bag was authenticated, it wasn't my post :smile: