question about metallic stam

  1. i just ordered one online, but was wondering how the quality of the leather is comparing to the regular stams? would the metallic leather get worn out pretty quick? another concern is the metallic style would not be as time lasting as the regular ones....what do you girls think?:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  2. Is it patchwork or regular quilted? I have a bronze quilted Stam and it has held up pretty well. There are a couple of places that are getting a little worn out, but I am just trying to be careful with it. I love the metallics.
  3. it's a patche work,
    and i've just read it someone says the metallic rubs off?....:push::push:
  4. ^ Yes, the metallic will rub off over time leaving plain white/cream leather behind. If you plan on using the bag a lot you might want to consider a non-metallic color.
  5. ^ me wonder if i could make it into a cream stam....:p:p
  6. Of all the metallics, I liked the bronze the best. It seems to be the most "neutral"....Where did you find it? I wonder if you spray it with some kind of leather protector if it might slow down the peeling/chipping process??

    I don't think the color will chip/peel as much as the Metallic Python bags will, however. I've seen those on the sale tables at both Nordstroms near me (OakBrook & Michigan Avenue) in the Metallic blue, green and purple - they've been handled and tossed around so much that so much of the metallic is peeling and they look pretty crummy (esp for a $1500 bag!!). I have a feeling that these bags are going to show up at Nordstroms Rack stores pretty soon and by then, they'll all be bald!!

    Do you like the Metallic Bronze or did you just "settle" becuz it was the only color you could find? I say, if you bought it becuz you liked it, then by all means keep it and do what you can to try to slow down/prevent the peeling/chipping process. If you bought it because it was the only stam you could find and you really wanted one, I'd say return it and wait for one in a color that you'll love!
  7. ^thx iluvmybags
    i ordered it on bloomie this morning which was like...$780 including shipping and tax, thought it was a good deal...
    as you said, yes, it was the only color that i could find with this price and i don't hate the color(my fav is cream):p
    I'm struggling if I should wait for it to ship out and see if i like it or not/ or just cancel the order without worrying that i might need to return it
  8. ohoh...btw...what i ordered was a bronze

  9. i know that the metallic rubs off eventually, but this is such a hot bag. if i can find it on sale, i would buy one anyway and treat the leather to death. i'll hold it away from my body whenever i carry it if i have to. it'll be good for my upper arm strength anyway.