Question about metallic leather...

  1. Hi again...
    Has anyone has problems with MJ metallic leather with the metallic color rubbing off? It might sound like an odd question, but It happened with an authentic Burberry bag of mine. After about two years the gold rubbed off the handles and sides of the bag. I took it back to Saks and the Sales associate told me that it frequently happens with metallic leather. I just got a bronze, quilted Venetia on sale and may return it if others have encountered excessive fading with metallic MJs.

    Thanks in advance for any info!;)
  2. Metallic rubbed handles.jpg
  3. Thanks for the info and pics...very helpful!
  4. Wow! I am shocked by how badly the color came off on that Ursula. I have a gold Cammie that I used to use pretty regularly and it shows no signs of wear. I also own a Bronze Ursula and it too has no wear marks, granted it is gently used. The owner of the above bag must have used it constantly for some time. I did have to send an Anthracite Paddy back to Bergdorfs because the color came off so quickly. No problem with my Argent though.
  5. Good to know. I want to keep my bronze Venetia, but that Ursula really showed the wear!!
  6. Uh oh... I just got a bronze Stam. Has anyone had this problem with the Stam as well?
  7. From what I have gathered, all metallic bags show wear more quickly than non-metallic. This seems to be true of Burberry, MJ, Chloe, and others. Maybe you can manage the wear by using the gold chain on your stam? That's what I plan to do with the Venetia.
  8. hmmm...something to think about. Thanks for the input