Question about Mens Hawiian Yellow Flower Keepall

  1. The keepall I am referring too is the one that is like a black with blue with yellow and is Hawaiin flowered styled. I am in lvoe iwth it does anyone know how much it is? Also any other small accessories that go with it?
  2. I saw it in the book and I SWEAR it said $1600 somthin?
  3. I LOVE this bag, pretty much the only thing in either collection that I am longing for. I think there was a speedy size on the runway,does anyone know if they are producing anything besides a keepall? I would love to own a couple of pieces of this line.
  4. i love this print too! its about the same price as a Tobago shoe bag or Vail Blanket cabas. here's pretty much what will be available in the Floral print:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!
  5. That floral tie is so hot! I like the keepall, but I don't really need it....
  6. i dunno. it reminds me a lot of the type of free bag you get with a promotional fragrance purchase. i also don't know if it will age well.

  7. wow..thats' pretty!
  8. I've never seen that!!!
  9. lol
  10. Hmm... I'm starting to like this line?
  11. Gorgeous pic!:nuts:
  12. That's really HOT! It didn't come with female purses?
  13. i like it! i kinda want it... :smile:
  14. IT'S FANTASTIC! I remember somewhere along the 1500 dollar range. wow are those rondes?
  15. LOL True!!!